1. quarkmaster:

    Unrest Mountain

    Bayard Wu

  2. a quick painting attempt. trying lift up my mood D:

    i like it :D experimented a little with textures and stuff

  4. Saw you saying you sometimes collected MTG cards because of the art

    Thought I’d share some art from the upcoming september set with you. 

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  5. spikeusfarlandus:

    "Man you should do some weed, it makes you feel great"

    "You don’t drink? What’s wrong with you youre in college you can do whatever you want"

    "You don’t even party or go out to do anything? You’re missing out from socializing with stupid people”

  7. hadtoomuchtodreamlastnight:

    I… was not expecting that…

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  9. smashbrotherhood:

    Oh Bowser, you’re such a dork

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  10. hibrid56:

    some of my favorite sharks

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